For manufacturers

Benefits for Manufacturers

High quality products are crucial for a fastly growing heat pump market in Europe. The Heat Pump Keymark offers single certificate for a single European market and complements the requirements set by the Ecodesign Directive.


The Heat Pump KEYMARK provides important and concrete advantages to manufacturers:

  • Fair competition based on comparable data impartially assessed in the same conditions.

  • Enhanced consumer confidence, as their trust relies on the independence of the product data.

  • Access to subsidies programmes in several European members states.

  • Flexibility to choose the certification body and test laboratory to whom to apply for the certification in order to find the most cost-effective solution.


By using the KEYMARK certification on their products, manufacturers demonstrate a special reliability of the declared performance data. Performance data certification is also instrumental for State authorities to verify standards compliance: the Heat Pump KEYMARK will encourage the harmonization of national certification schemes and aims for recognition by public bodies in all EU Member states.


Show your commitment to heat pump quality by applying for the Heat Pump KEYMARK now!