The HP KEYMARK community is growing!

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do, and the success of the scheme is best achieved by working together.

The HP KEYMARK scheme is run by independent, voluntary certification bodies from all over Europe. Manufacturers who wish to obtain a HP KEYMARK licence shall apply to any empowered certification body at their choice. Moreover, testing can be performed in any of the testing laboratories cooperating with the empowered certification bodies.

This is what makes the Heat Pump KEYMARK a flexible scheme. By speaking the language of the users, certification bodies and test centres guarantee an easy and effective communication between the involved parties.

So far, the Heat Pump KEYMARK scheme included 8 certification bodies in 6 countries and 16 test laboratories in 11 countries, but the KEYMARK community is growing. A new certification body and test centre, in fact, recently joined the scheme: KIWA was empowered as a certification body and recognised as a test centre. Heat Pump KEYMARK certificate holders can now use a single test laboratory for both the KEYMARK certification and the Netherlands market.

Since the beginning of the year, also new manufacturers and brands joined the scheme by obtaining the Heat Pump KEYMARK certification, including Frigicoll, Ecoforest, Grant Engineering Ireland, Grant Engineering UK and Midea.

For more information on application, testing, and assessment procedures, check out our related webpage.