French government paves the way for the use of KEYMARK

French government paves the way for the use of KEYMARK certified seasonal performance data in calculating the performance values for heat pumps under the current building regulation (Regulation thermique – RT 2012) Europe has introduced Ecodesign requirements and a method to calculate the primary energy efficiency for boilers, combi-boilers and hot water devices (Ecodesign Lot 1 and Lot 2; EU regulations 813/2013 and 814/2013).

This regulation came into force in all European Member States on 26.09.2013. From 26.9.2015 onwards, all heating devices with a capacity of up to 400 kW newly sold in the EU market have to fulfil these requirements.

The French Building regulation RT2012 (Regulation thermique 2012), transposition of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, relies on certified performance data for energy performance calculations. Until now, data for heat pumps had to be provided on nominal performance according to the European Standard EN 14511.

On 30.9.2016, the French government, notably the ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy and the ministry of Housing, Equal territories and rural development have passed a guidance on the possibility to use certified seasonal performance values for establishing the performance data of heat pumps needed under the French Building regulation RT 2012. While these are also determined in a testing lab, they reflect the annual performance of a heat pump much more accurately.

This decision was highly anticipated by industry, as it avoids the manufacturers to provide two different set of data, nominal performance on one hand and seasonal performance on the other hand for the same heat pump. It also aligns different pieces of legislation, namely the Ecodesign regulation and the energy efficiency of buildings directive in their national transposition. “The decision to allow the use of certified seasonal performance data for RT 2012 is the right one. It is noteworthy that data from the recently established CEN heat pump KEYMARK certification system can now be used directly for the calculation of efficiency of products in RT 2012. Thus it marks a major step towards a greater usability of a single certification system for the single European market.” Says Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of the European Heat pump Association.

The full text of the guidance document can be found here.


Note to the editor: The European Heat Pump KEYMARK is a CEN owned scheme for independent certification of heat pump performance. It is based on the requirements of Ecodesign and includes additional tests on functionality and safety according to European Standards. All information on the HP KEYMARK including information on participatin.