Where is HP KEYMARK recognised in Europe?

The HP KEYMARK was accepted immediately in France, where the law requires data from ISO compatible certification systems, and it has been included in the BAFA list for subsidies in Germany. The HP KEYMARK scheme is also recognised as a proof of ErP compliance in the Czech list of products that can benefit from the government incentives, and can be used in Slovakia to demonstrate conformity with the technical requirements set by the subsidy programme 2019-2023.


In Austria, Poland, and Switzerland, the EHPA Quality Label requirements are recognized. However, for HP KEYMARK certificate holders, the application process to EHPA QL is inexpensive and extremely simple as no further testing is required.


Moreover, the KEYMARK certificate can be used in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain, where no certification is required for heat pumps.


Discussion is ongoing for the inclusion of the HP KEYMARK certification on the Irish HARP List and Denmark’s positive list, and for its acceptance in the Wallonia region and under MCS scheme in the UK.