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The HP KEYMARK certification: a success story

As the new year has begun, it's an opportunity to reflect on achievements and highlights from 2019 and also the previous years.

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HP KEYMARK recognition in the UK: an important step further toward a single certificate for a single EU market!

A product tested and certified once should be recognised for its quality across Europe, and the Heat Pump KEYMARK recognition in the UK represents a milestone in the accomplishment...

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The HP KEYMARK community is growing!

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do, and the success of the scheme is best achieved by working together.

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The HP KEYMARK certification is increasingly widely recognized in Europe

Since the HP KEYMARK scheme was introduced in the market, a great effort has been dedicated to get the certification recognised for subsidy programmes in all European member...

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The HP KEYMARK is ready for gas and hybrid heat pump applications

The HP KEYMARK certification is meant for the long haul but being steady does not mean being static. The scheme is regularly implemented to meet the needs of the industry through...

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EHPA secretary general shares his experience of the HP KEYMARK scheme: an interview with Thomas Nowak

Thomas Nowak is the secretary general of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).

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Test labs share their experience of the HP KEYMARK scheme: an interview with Mario Reimbold

Mario Reimbold is lab manager test centre for energy appliances at TÜV Rheinland.

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Users share their experience of the HP KEYMARK scheme: an interview with Martin Forsén

Martin Forsén is member of the Heat Pump KEYMARK steering committee and Manager International Affairs at NIBE.

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Users share their experience of the HP KEYMARK scheme: an interview with Johannes Brugmann

Dr. Johannes Brugmann is chair of Heat Pump KEYMARK scheme group and head of heat pump development at Stiebel Eltron, the first manufacturer that awarded a KEYMARK certificate for...

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HP KEYMARK fully recognised in Slovakia

Based on independent, third-party testing, the Heat Pump KEYMARK supports the quality of heat pumps in the European market. Being already recognised in several member states, it is...

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Certification efforts expected to double within the next 12 months

The last KEYMARK scheme group meeting in Milan ended on a positive note. Not even 18 months after its introduction, more than 300 KEYMARK certificates have been issued to the...

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Great success of HP Keymark in 2017 and even bigger growth expected in 2018

In 2017 the number of CEN Heat Pump KEYMARK certified products dynamically increased. Our report on the KEYMARK certificates granted over the past year shows how the HP KEYMARK...

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French government paves the way for the use of KEYMARK

French government paves the way for the use of KEYMARK certified seasonal performance data in calculating the performance values for heat pumps under the current building...

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Marking heat pump quality in Europe just got easier

CEN HEAT PUMP KEYMARK introduced in the market Product certification based on European standards is available via the CEN KEYMARK system since 1992. 1 has just up the number of...

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Heat pump KEYMARK: a single certificate for a single European market

The cooperating parties announced the introduction of new European heat-pump certificate based on the CEN KEYMARK scheme. Martin Forsén, president of the European Heat Pump...

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