As renewable energies set the trend for heating and cooling technology, heat pumps and solar thermal play an important role in this growing market. The Energy Talks at the European Sustainable Energy Week represent an opportunity to discuss central topics as energy efficiency and quality assessment with regards to heat pumps and solar thermal certification issues.

A joint presentation on the "Heat Pump & Solar Keymark: the need for quality in a growing market" will be given at the Networking Village during the European Sustainable Energy Week.

Heat Pump and Solar Keymark are the European quality marks for products and services related to these specific technologies. Within the Keymark schemes, products are certified for their performance, reliability, safety and usability. market. These certification schemes answer to a common problem in each of the sectors concerned. Diverse requirements in different countries constitute a barrier for accessing markets and potential public incentives. Instead of referring to common standards, governments operating subsidy schemes had developed their own rules. Even small variations lead to the need for costly re-testing or additional factory production audits. It was perceived that this approach provided a tremendous administrative burden without additional benefit in terms of quality. Manufacturers in Europe started to look for a fresh approach based on the logic that a single European market should not be distorted by several national requirements. Instead, it should be possible to place products on the market and to fulfill quality requirements based on a single approach.
By following this logic, the Solar Keymark and HP Keymark schemes apply a systematic concept of quality to all types of certified solar thermal products and heat pumps.

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The Energy Talk will take place on 6 June 2018 at 16:30-17:00 and will be hosted in the Residence Palace in Brussels’ Schuman district.

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