The HP KEYMARK certification: a success story

As the new year has begun, it's an opportunity to reflect on achievements and highlights from 2019 and also the previous years.

In the still-rapidly growing heat pump market, the Heat Pump KEYMARK is building on the success of its collaborative service by extending and implementing its scheme regulation to help manufacturers expand and promote the value of their products.

The number of valid certificates by the end of 2019 was  over 630, with 210 new subtypes issued only in 2019 and corresponding to a much larger number of certified products, as an average of 4 models is covered per certificate.

There is continued strong growth in the participating members which now include 9 empowered certification bodies (+1 in 2019), 20 recognised test centres (+4 in 2019), and 38 brands (+7 in 2019) using the Heat Pump KEYMARK certification. The Heat Pump KEYMARK continues to promote awareness of its certification services through a number of communication channels and its presence at major industry events and conferences.

Moreover, an increasing number of member states, including the UK, acknowledge the scheme as a sufficient proof of quality products enforcing the importance of a single certificate for a single European market.

The Heat Pump KEYMARK aims at supporting heat pumps as a trusted technology for a decarbonized European heating and cooling sector by guaranteeing the quality of the products in a simple and cost-effective way. As we move forward, the participation of new organisations and the increase of the certified products will put us in an even stronger position to fulfill that mission.