HP KEYMARK recognition in the UK: an important step further toward a single certificate for a single EU market!

A product tested and certified once should be recognised for its quality across Europe, and the Heat Pump KEYMARK recognition in the UK represents a milestone in the accomplishment of this goal.

According to an agreement between HP KEYMARK and MCS, dual certification in Europe and UK market is no longer required. It is now possible for HP KEYMARK certified products to be listed in the MID for eligibility for UK government incentives (RHI).

HP KEYMARK certificate holders have the opportunity to list one or several of their certified models simply by sending a request to their certification bodies. The main benefits include:

  • Reduction of testing and certification costs
  • Eligibility for UK incentives provided the installation has been completed by an MCS certified installer.

However, MCS product equivalence applies to the recognition of products only and does not extend to full MCS scheme equivalence.



Get in contact with your certification body for more details on the application process! An overview of the listing process is available on heatpumpkeymark.com.