The HP KEYMARK certification is increasingly widely recognized in Europe

Since the HP KEYMARK scheme was introduced in the market, a great effort has been dedicated to get the certification recognised for subsidy programmes in all European member states.

Significative progress has been done in the UK concerning the inclusion of the HP KEYMARK certified products in the MCS eligible list for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) programme.

Among representatives of both MCS and HP KEYMARK, it has been agreed upon a process proposal according to which the HP KEYMARK certificate holders would be offered the opportunity to request their certification bodies to list one or several of their certified models on the MCS list. The HP KEYMARK products included in the MCS list, however, will not be granted with a MCS certification.

The proposal has been approved by both MCS and HP KEYMARK groups and the information about the application and invoicing procedure are currently being defined.

Stay tuned!

More information about the recognition of the HP KEYMARK in other European member states is available here.