The HP KEYMARK is ready for gas and hybrid heat pump applications

The HP KEYMARK certification is meant for the long haul but being steady does not mean being static. The scheme is regularly implemented to meet the needs of the industry through the HP KEYMARK scheme group, steering committee, and specific working groups.

Since April 2019, the scope of the HP KEYMARK scheme has been extended to include also hybrid and hybrid combination heat pumps, and full information on gas heat pumps technical requirements was added to the scheme regulation.
Both hybrid and gas heat pumps applications shall be conducted using the one-off testing approach, which is based on testing every product at admission without any periodic surveillance test but technical document control.

Manufacturers are eligible to apply under a simplified application process for gas heat pumps if they are holders of a valid certificate issued under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) or NF Pompe à Chaleur (NF PAC). Transition rules apply until 30.04.2020.

But that is not all. The HP KEYMARK is already looking for new implementations, including the inclusion of CO2 heat pump generators designed for providing domestic hot water. The revision of the related scheme documents will be discussed at the next scheme group meeting in September 2019.

For all technical details on admission and testing requirements, check out the scheme documents available here.