HP KEYMARK fully recognised in Slovakia

Based on independent, third-party testing, the Heat Pump KEYMARK supports the quality of heat pumps in the European market. Being already recognised in several member states, it is now accepted as a proof of compliance with performance requirements also in Slovakia.

Národný projekt Zelená domácnostiam II, the new Slovak subsidy programme valid for 2019-2023, promotes the enhancement of energy efficiency and provides financial assistance for clean heating solutions. Starting from January 2019, it replaces the current incentive programme 2015-2018.

Being eligible for this subsidy scheme requires a number of technical conditions, including minimum requirements for the seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) and declared heating capacity (Prated) that shall be certified by accredited test facilities. The Heat Pump KEYMARK certificate ensures compliance with the required standards and grants full access to the Slovak heat pump market.

More information about the Slovak subsidy programme is available here.