Users share their experience of the HP KEYMARK scheme: an interview with Martin Forsén

Martin Forsén is member of the Heat Pump KEYMARK steering committee and Manager International Affairs at NIBE.

1) How the Heat Pump KEYMARK can fulfil its objectives in ensuring the highest quality products in the marketplace?

The quality of products certified by the Heat Pump KEYMARK is ensured by several elements of the quality assessment, including:

  • the verification of the product performance declared by the manufacturer and assessment of product quality through random testing at admission and factory audit;
  • continuous monitoring of the product quality by annual factory inspections and periodic surveillance tests of randomly chosen products;
  • accredited certification bodies and accredited testing institutes through which it offers a true third-party quality assessment and credibility for consumers, consultants and market surveillance authorities;
  • the specified requirements based on CEN/CENELEC standards, focused on demonstrating compliancy with European Regulations related to product efficiency.

2) What is the main difference between the Heat Pump KEYMARK and other heat pump certifications?

The Heat Pump KEYMARK is the only certification scheme that encompasses annual factory inspections, periodic surveillance tests and the freedom for the applicants to choose among a number of certification bodies. Empowered certification bodies can be found in several member states, therefore language and communication barriers may be prevented. The scheme is the result of a unique cooperation between accredited certification bodies, accredited test institutes and technical experts from several leading heat pump manufacturers in Europe.

3) What are the main benefits that the Heat Pump KEYMARK can provide to the industry and end-consumers?

The main benefit for the industry is that the Heat Pump KEYMARK has the potential to be fully recognised in all European countries and thereby to remove the need and existence of national specific schemes. This will in the long run reduce the overall costs for product certification and testing. The solid organisational structure including accredited certification bodies, test institutes and technical experts from several stakeholders serves as a warranty for quality and credibility of the scheme.

4) What is your vision for the future of the heat pump technology and what role the Heat Pump KEYMARK will play in achieving that vision?

I am convinced that it is only a matter of time until heat pumps will dominate the heating sector in Europe. Countries will gradually phase out fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy technologies among which heat pumps will be the leading technology for heating and cooling. The Heat Pump KEYMARK will play an important role in quality assurance and will be key to fulfill the industry request for one certification scheme for all Europeans.