Heatpump KEYMARK steering committee (HPSC)

The heat pump KEYMARK steering committee consists of representatives of manufacturers, certification bodies, testing institutes, the EHPA and the secretariat. It meets several times per year to decide on open issues and next steps in the scheme development. The steering committee can make suggestions for vote to the HPSG and can also ask the different committees for a special opinion. The members of the HP KEYMARK steering committee are the following:


  1. Laure Meljac (chair), (NIBE)
  2. Dr. Johannes Brugmann (Stiebel-Eltron)
  3. Uwe Marx (Vaillant)
  4. Amandine Guyot (Hitachi)
  5. Christophe Thebault (Groupe Atlantic)

Certification bodies

  1. John Holden (BRE)
  2.  Dr. Ina Förster (vice chair), (DIN CERTCO)
  3. Josef Kristofersson (RISE)

Testing bodies

  1. Michele Mondot (CETIAT)
  2. Stefan Thyberg (RISE)


  1. Martin Forsen