How to apply

You can use the HP KEYMARK, but you can also participate in its development via participation in the

A manufacturer or distributor who wishes to obtain a KEYMARK licence, shall submit an application to the empowered certification body of its choice. The certification body will provide application documents and details related to testing, inspection and assessment procedures as well as certification costs.

Testing can be performed in any of the testing laboratories cooperating with the empowered certification bodies. The scheme is open to new laboratories. Those that want to participate, need to contact one of the empowered certification bodies listed below of their choice.

Requirements for test labs are listed in Annex H of the KEYMARK documents.



  • as a certification body:

Request empowerment by CEN/CENELEC with this application form!

  • as a manufacturer:

Apply for the heat pump KEYMARK with one of the following certification bodies:

  • as a testing institute:

Contact one of the certification bodies above-mentioned.